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Stop Smoking

Banish the habit for good

63% of Smokers Want to Give Up, Are You One of Them?(Figure from General Household Survey 2009)Take a blank piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, on the left, think of all your reasons for giving up smoking, to save money, to improve your health, to increase your energy, to look and smell better....On the right hand side list all your reasons for smoking, Now call us to discover the biggest lie about giving up, 0208 531 8875, you will be amazed.

A little help from the professionals

Our Stop Smoking therapy has been designed by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis to provide a highly effective stop smoking strategy, using both hypnotherapy and NLP.

Quit smoking

Support when you need it

Each Stop Smoking session last approximately 120 minutes, and we offer an additional 60 minute session one week later to provide you with further support.


  • Designed by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Highly effective
  • 1 and 2 hour sessions available
  • Regular support

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Is It For You? Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT, is one way of giving up smoking but we regularly see clients who are now addicted to gum or other NRT products. If you need help quitting NRT, we offer a fast and effective therapy which will remove your cravings within minutes, without hypnosis, curious, call us now on 0208 531 8875.

When you need help quitting, call us now on 0208 531 8875 for your free consultation

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